Sky Trekker

Stumbling From Place To Place

Slowly Exploring the Earth

I spent the majority of 2016 simplifying my life. I sold my condo and my car, got rid of most of my possessions, quit my job and set out to see the world on my own. And I have learned a ton about the world and about myself in the process.

Traveling alone is a completely different experience. Traveling alone is funny. It’s frustrating. It can be lonely. It inspires you and changes your life. You observe more of your surroundings than you would in a group. You get to do your own thing and not worry about entertaining everyone. It’s actually pretty great.

Seeing new sights is one of my favorite things in the world and I do it in my own unique way. My mission is to constantly stretch my comfort zone, enjoy the little details of each location I visit, and tell the stories of my adventure. I am now going to school for conservation biology, but keep reading along as I recount old and new adventures, always striving to se as much of our planet as possible!