College: Part 2

I did the math once and this is my 22nd year of school. It’s not like that’s hard math, so don’t be too impressed, but it does mean I’ve spent way more of my life as a student than not. I’ve had two pretty much equal breaks from school: one before I started it up the … More College: Part 2

Party Animals

If you couldn’t already tell from how often I still talk about it, Sri Lanka was probably my favorite part of this recent journey. The landscapes and beaches were phenomenal, but the abundance of exotic wildlife both on land and in the ocean had me constantly enthralled. Even in urban areas, it was really easy … More Party Animals

8 things I learned because I traveled the world alone for 130 days.

A few months before I left for my trip, my friends would joke that this was going to be one of those “eat, pray, love” things. I did my best to not be offended by that kind of talk, knowing that I was already in my perfect, final adult form. I didn’t have any soul … More 8 things I learned because I traveled the world alone for 130 days.

The Hostel Situation

Hostels. Oh, hostels. Oh my god, hostels. I actually mostly like hostels a lot. I’ve been staying in them on and off for two months now and although they’ve taken some getting used to, and they for sure have their drawbacks, the pluses definitely outweigh the negatives. But oh man, have I learned a ton. … More The Hostel Situation